Should your company implement a summer dress code policy?

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Our Blog, Policies

Between Memorial and Labor Day, many businesses face an annual challenge: as the temperatures start to increase, the distinction between “business casual” and just plain too casual in the office is easily lost. Experts suggest that implementing a summer dress code will ensure that your employees look professional, yet will protect your company image.

A summer dress code typically comes down to how much skin employees can show around the office. It should outline what attire is appropriate and inappropriate, as well as what is appropriate when employees have in-person contact with clients. Additionally, the policy should state that managers or supervisors have the authority to determine if an employee is dressed inappropriately under the policy guidelines. However, managers be aware that comments do not violate any sexual harassment policies. While every company has a legal right to tell employees what they can and cannot wear, employees also have a legal right to feel safe and comfortable in their own work environment.