12 Must-haves for job descriptions

by | May 26, 2015 | Employee Management, Hiring & Firing, Our Blog, Policies

What job descriptions should include.

Job descriptions should include the following details. This template should also give you an idea about what other organizations expect from employees doing the featured job.

1. The job title.
2. The company name.
3. The location of the job and amount of travel required.
4. Job Type: Full Time or Part Time (Hours of work)
5. Years of experience required.
6. The position in the company, including the job title of the person to whom the employee will report and of those who will report to them.
7. A list of the main duties or responsibilities the employee must be able to complete with or without accommodations, also known as essential functions.
8. Skills, physical requirements and abilities (This includes safety, supervisory level, managerial requirements, any working relationships and may also include your corporate/individual objectives.)
9. The knowledge, training and education needed to fulfill the job.
10. What brief description of what workers do on the job.
11. Working conditions (such as temperature, heights, or other physical conditions.)
12. Describe the compensation type (hourly or salary) and salary range. In addition it may include both standard benefits and any fringe benefits associated with the position.

Job descriptions should be created and/ or updated prior to posting or advertising a job opening to ensure all parties involved are on the same page and to prevent turnover or discrimination issues.

If you need assistance creating job descriptions or have any questions regarding the details listed above, please give Alternative HR, LLC a call today!