HR Audit Program

HR Audits

Not sure if you are in compliance?

Not sure what to ask?

This overview of many HR functions will tell you if you are in compliance, gives you employee handbook feedback, and shares some best practices.

We not only give recommendations, we also tell you why they are recommended, with compliance issues being highlighted. The audit is for informational purposes, and although we are very happy to help, it requires no commitment to working with us.

HR Audits

Questions you should be asking about your Human Resources.

Do job descriptions exist and are they up to date?

Do you have an open door policy?

Have compensation plans been audited internally and externally any time in the last two years?

Are your pay policies in compliance with the new FLSA requirements for exempt employees?

Are your employees trained on the OSHA mandated topics pertaining to your industry?

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Begin by reviewing our HR Audit Questionnaire sample and see what problem areas you may need to address.

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