Are You Developing Leaders?

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Employee Management, For Employers, Training | 0 comments

It goes without saying that our best asset within our organization is our talent.  Hiring, developing and retaining talent is one of the most important features to any organization’s long-term growth strategy.  But how do we ensure that this is true and remains true especially in times of rapid growth?

The key is empowering our managers to be both effective leaders as well as managers.  We often reward high performing employees with promoting them into leadership roles, but this often happens without providing the necessary and essential skills to manage teams of people.  Additionally, without providing the necessary tools to lead employees there is additional risk associated with potential legal issues down the road.  While no one can guarantee and eliminate the risk of future litigation, effective training of managers can greatly reduce the probability.

We often choose our leaders based on how well they have performed in their existing roles and where we see greater potential.  Perhaps they embody the ability to carry out the mission and values and are seen as the best role model within the team.  While this can be the essential foundation for any great leader, it can’t end with that.

Providing some basic tools and understanding around conflict management, coaching, mentoring and the ability to address issues head on and early are also key components of developing an effective leader.  Helping them understand the key components of employment law that guide our efforts as managers to ensure compliance is also important.  A good manager does not need to be an attorney to understand how to comply with federal, state, or local laws, they merely need to understand how to avoid creating a hostile work environment, ensure there is no discrimination taking place, and that compliance with FLSA standards is occurring.  They also need to be well versed in company policy and ensure that policies are enforced uniformly.

Additionally, leaders should be trained on how to manage and utilize additional techniques and styles that can help reach difficult employees and/or motivate and engage employees.  The upfront investment in training and developing your leaders can reduce your long-term risk, ensure increased productivity and ensure that you are truly developing a culture of success within your organization.  Alternative HR is happy to partner with you in this endeavor by providing hands on interactive training in a one on one, group, or even large group setting.  Don’t skip out on an opportunity to develop your team!!