Employee Engagement Trends

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Employee Management, Retention | 0 comments

Employee EngagementThe workplace is changing. Employee engagement strategies must evolve with the ever-changing workplace cultures. Planning on how you will engage with the people who come to work for you every day is important.

Here are the two of the top trends among employers for 2016 employee engagement.

Focus on employee happiness: Employers will push employee engagement, sometimes a bit too far. But what employees want, simply put, is happiness. Take a look at how you acknowledge and recognize employee efforts and contributions. Make your workplace environment a place where employees want to be, not just a job they have to go to every day.

Train your managers: Recognition has a greater perceived value when it comes directly from a leader. Train your managers in leadership and relationships with employees. Managers and leaders too often do not make the connection between treating people like people – and experiencing improved business outcomes. Top business leaders need to reinforce this with managers, and meet with them often to ensure they are reinforcing/recognizing employees appropriately. Arm them with the proper tools and resources to effectively do this.