Employee Relations Management

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Do you have challenging employees that you need to manage? Have a complex employee relations issue, need to conduct a neutual and unbiased invesigation or coach an employee through a difficult conversation?

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Employee Relations Management

Alternative HR will work with your team to develop a customized plan that will assist you in managing, communicating with and evaluating your employees. By improving individual and group performance, companies experience higher productivity and better overall employee relations. We will work your team to help establish clear goals and implement the right employee relations system.

Alternative HR will cover the following essential employee relations topics with your team:

Absenteeism analysis

Policy & Procedure creation

Handbook review/analysis

Succession planning

Performance appraisal and evaluation programs

Disciplinary procedures

Reward and recognition programs

Survey development & analysis

Download the Performance Review Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Performance reviews are an excellent way to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This quick one page guide from Alternative HR will help you conduct performance reviews like a true leader!

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