How Obamacare Can Benefit Your Business

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Our Blog

Regardless of your stance, there are some benefits to the Affordable Care Act.  Every business can capitalize in three ways.  One of these ways is to teach your employees to become good health care consumers.  If you expose your employees to real costs through the high deductible plans and require them to engage through wellness incentives that will eventually force Americans to become smart health care consumers.  Also define and nurture your employee value propostition.  Now that ACA makes insurance available to everyone, insurance is a commodity.  Employers are no longer the only source of health insurance.  With this being a factor, you must now make sure that you imform your employees of your benefits upsides.  Companies that do not reiterate the positives of their health insurance and use the wait and see approach will be behind and find themselves playing catch up.