How to use technology to improve HR

by | May 23, 2018 | Our Blog | 0 comments

54433049_MIncorporating technology into human resources tasks can be much more challenging than other industries. However, with the advances in AI, it’s becoming more efficient than ever to start incorporating different strategies into your day-to-day tasks. Here are some great ways that AI can help for the future.

Better recruiting – Finding the perfect candidate takes much more time and effort than anyone ever expects it will. These days, applicants are looking for more information, career opportunities, and normally have additional questions. With AI technology, companies can automatically respond to applicants in real time, schedule interviews quickly, and reduce that extra back and forth time. Not only does this help improve communications between the business and its applicants, but it also creates better, more efficient recruiting.

Connects employees – Video calls have become a huge tool in most departments, especially HR. FaceTime and Skype has made it especially easy for recruiters to interview applicants in different locations and gauge if they are a right fit before spending extra time and money on the interview process. Videos are also a great (and fun) way to communicate benefits and perks to current employees, too.

Better insight – One of the biggest challenges businesses face is selecting the most promising candidates from a large number of applicants. With AI technology, the first steps of the hiring process (gathering more data about applicants) can be automated. This can help you see if an applicant is sufficiently qualified before moving forward. Many companies have started incorporating AI into the hiring process to hire the best long term candidates, reducing turnover and saving costs.