Increased Healthcare Education For Employees Needed

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Our Blog

According to a recent Gallup survey, an alarmingly large number of employees are forgoing and putting off important medical treatments.

The survey asked individuals if they’ve ever put off any medical treatments for themselves or their families in the past 12 months. And an alarming 33% said they had. That’s the largest percentage in the survey’s history. Thirty-four percent of individuals with private insurance admitted to this problematic behavior.

The study also revealed that 22% of Americans put off medical treatment for a “very” or “somewhat serious” condition in the past year, which was also the highest figure on record.When workers don’t use their health benefits it does generally bring down employers’ premiums – at least in the short-term. But here’s the problem: Forgoing treatment allows medical issues to linger, which often leads to major (aka costly) problems in the long-term.

The Gallup report found that most individuals find their healthcare plans confusing and aren’t sure what’s covered, what’s not and what treatments actually cost. As a result, they’re avoiding care altogether. That’s where your HR team can help. Some extra education on how much more costly it can be in the long run to put off medical care is one route.