Telecommuting stats speak volumes

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Employee Management, Our Blog | 0 comments

Most HR professionals understand the benefits of letting workers telecommute. Top executives however, are traditionally harder to convince.

The Ireland-based office supply shop recently did some heavy fact-finding research into the benefits of telecommuting and came up with some interesting stats shown below.

  • Telecommuting is what employees want— 66% of people would work from home if given the choice.
  • One in three say it’s better than a pay raise— 36% would select telecommuting over a pay raise.
  • It improves retention— 14% of Americans have changed jobs to shorten their commute, and 95% of employers said telecommuting had a high impact on employee retention.
  • It reduces unscheduled absences— telecommuters are more likely to work when sick, and telecommuting makes it easier to schedule things like doctor appointments without having to take a full day off. Plus, employees can still work even when inclement weather would prevent them from reaching the office.
  • Telecommuters put in more hours— roughly 60% of the commuting time employees save is used to perform work.
  • It eliminates the need for office space— Dow Chemical and Nortel saved 30% or real estate costs by letting workers telecommute.
  • It grows revenue— Businesses that allowed workers to telecommute at least three times per month were more likely to achieve revenue growth of 10% or more annually.