What Annual Checklist or Procedures Do You Follow?

by | Dec 30, 2013 | General | 0 comments

For many of us, the new year brings an opportunity to review or analyze the processes and procedures we have been using throughout the year. This might include personnel file and I-9 audits. For others, it may be time for performance and compensation reviews. What year end procedures do you follow? If your answer is none, here are a few suggestions…

*Personnel file audit- Are there any documents missing or documents in there that should not be?

* I-9 Audit- This is an especially good year to review your I-9’s for accuracy, since we have had new I-9’s this year!

*Performance Reviews- When was the last time you updated your performance review? Does it measure quantity and quality of work?

*Compensation Surveys- Are you paying your employees fairly and competitively? Are there gaps between protected classes? Alternative HR is offering a special on compensation surveys in January…only $100 each position!

*HR Audit- Have you kept up with all the latest legal changes?

*Safety Audit- Have you kept up with legal changes and best practices for a proactive, safe workplace?

*Review of Hiring Procedures- Is turnover a concern in your workplace? Perhaps putting some additional best practices into place is the answer.

*Handbook Review- When was the last time you took on this task? Have any laws changed that could impact your handbook’s ability to be upheld in court? For many people it takes a whole year just to get through this arduous task. ¬†Alternative HR can help you update a handbook, so it doesn’t take you until December 2014 to complete!

Alternative HR wishes you the best in the new year, regardless of which of these  tasks you decide to take on!

~Kellie, Kim and Jennifer