Making HR Simpler.

Human Resources Consulting: The realistic and reasonable alternative to traditional HR practices.

Alternative HR is a human resources consulting and outsourcing organization dedicated to providing small business owners with an affordable alternative to hiring a full time certified Human Resource professional.

Choose the HR Services your company needs.

HR Audits

HR Audits

This overview of HR functions will tell you if you are in compliance, give you employee handbook feedback, and share best practices.

HR Retainer Program

HR Retainer Program

This program includes phone and email consultation on HR topics, best practices, compliance and more.

On-Site HR Services

On-Site HR Services

Alternative HR offers HR assistance at your facility on a weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed basis to help with any HR related tasks.

Employee Recruiting Services

Employee Recruiting Services

Alternative HR helps companies find employees that not only have the skill set you require, but more importantly, are a good fit for your company.

Employee Handbooks and Manuals

Handbooks and Policies

We can recommend important HR policies for nearly every type of business, and what should be included in employee handbooks and/or policies.

Employee Relations Management Program

Employee Relations Management

No time for updating job descriptions, creating performance improvement or handling the day-to-day drama? Let us help!

There is an easier way.

Alternative HR makes Human Resource compliance simpler.

Alternative HR Values

We value providing reasonable, realistic solutions to companies based on their size and industry. We prefer to keep it as simple as possible, while protecting your company and employees. 



Our team is dedicated to getting the job done, no matter what time of day it is.



Alternative HR is affordable for small businesses and non-profits.



We keep it simple and adapt to the size of your company.



Our team is timely, thoughtful and empathetic.



We work within client schedules.



We have the info you need, it’s up to date and correct.


Judgement Free

We listen, advise, and solve problems without raising our eyebrows or looking down our noses.

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