25 things employees hate most about their jobs

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Our Blog

It’s hard to improve the workplace when you don’t know what is making your employees unhappy. Here’s a new survey that set out to record why some employees hate their jobs and co-workers. The survey was conducted by The Brooke, an animal welfare organization in commemoration of World Donkey Week. In polling 2,000 workers, they set out to draw attention to the fact that no matter what’s wrong with the workplace, it can’t possibly be as bad as what working donkeys, horses and mules have to go through daily.  The following were the top 25 complaints:

  1. Being copied into emails that aren’t relevant to me
  2. The phone ringing at 4:59 p.m.
  3. Computer crashing
  4. Air conditioning making the office too cold
  5. The printer breaking down
  6. Colleagues that smell
  7. Loud telephone voices
  8. People chatting too much
  9. People not cleaning the microwave after use
  10. People sniffing
  11. People reading emails over your shoulder
  12. People not replacing empty toilet paper rolls
  13. Co-workers not saying thanks when you hold the door open for them
  14. People with bad breath
  15. Inconsiderate parking
  16. Co-workers smelly lunches
  17. Uncomfortable chairs
  18. Those that book school holidays off really far in advance
  19. Your boss catching you on Facebook for one minute when you have been crazy busy all day
  20. Your company blocking you from certain websites
  21. Colleagues moaning about personal life
  22. Co-workers who constantly boast about their children
  23. Diet bores who constantly talk about their food
  24. Colleagues that are younger than you telling you what to do
  25. People stealing your lunch out of the fridge