5 Elements of supervisor training about harassment

by | Feb 19, 2015 | General, Training

Harassment in the workplace can lead to big issues for companies and HR Teams. Here are some tips on what supervisors should be told when training about harassment:

1. Refrain from unlawful harassment or conduct that could give rise to a hostile work environment claim. Giving practical examples and emphasizing power and perception is helpful.

2. Report all complaints to HR. Supervisors should be told that this is mandatory, even when an employee asks for absolute confidentiality or requests that nothing be done.

3. Respond proactively to possible unlawful harassment. Silence can be construed as consent.

4. Remedy conduct that may lead to a hostile work environment. This could mean offering counseling, disciplinary actions, or termination of an employee.

5. Understand the importance of nonretaliation. The fact that a complaint lacks legal merit is never a defense to unlawful retaliation.