Summer Is Over, The Flu Is Here!!

by | Sep 25, 2014 | General

The summer has ended and HR pros should be preparing for the upcoming flu season.  Influenza more times than not can really disrupt the daily process at a work place.  The CDC says that almost 111 million workdays are lost each year, which in turn is $7 billion in sick days and lost productivity yearly.  Well prepared employers can minimize the impact though, and we are going to highlight 5 easy steps to help.

First, staff education is key and people should know the basics and remind employees about the flu.  Second, focus on germ filled areas.  Clean breakrooms, bathrooms and anything common that people come in contact with, and also remind them to maybe wipe down the area when they are done to prevent spreading of this virus.  Third, you should go over sick time policies so the employees know the system and with this knowledge, they are more apt to stay home and not try to tough through the day if they would have the flu.

Fourth, have a plan.  Yes, a plan. Pre-plan for your operations and how they can keep functioning smoothly with individuals being off sick.  Last, get your staff vaccinated.  Have an on site flu shot clinic or participate in a voucher program that would allow your employees to obtain their vaccination at a local pharmacy or nearby health care facility.  Also, you can not make flu shots mandatory as it is a violation of many federal regulations.