8 Ways to Find Great Employees

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One of the top questions we get these days is,  “How do we find quality, reliable employees that will fit into our organization?” There is nothing simple about the answer. It will take time,digging, testing, interviewing, and taking a hard look at what you really value in a team member. You will find more details on the testing and interviewing elements in our Recruiting Guideline. In the meantime, consider these options for where to find these rare gems…

  1. See exactly what positions job seekers are looking for -This should be your first step, regardless of which ideas you use below. What job titles or keywords are candidates using? If what they are searching for doesn’t match what you are posting, they won’t find you. Creative titles are fun, but you may miss out on excellent candidates by posting those titles.
  2.  Provide incentives for your current employees to find your next new hire – Offer a referral bonus to the internal employee if the candidate they referred lasts 90 days on your team.
  3.  Look Beyond Your Geographic Location/ Online Communities – Can the job be done remotely? Look online for someone to fill the role. There are freelance sites and/or virtual employee posting sites you could check into.
  4. Add a “Hiring” or “Careers” page to your website. This helps in a couple ways. The job not only goes to your website, where people can find it who know they want to work for you, but the aggregators like Indeed can also pick them up from your website and post them to their site for free! Bonus!!!
  5. Look for mutual connections on LinkedIn and Facebook – There are only 6 degrees of separation between all of us, right? Place it on social media and ask everyone you know, employees, friend and family, to share it!
  6. Be visible where your future employees spend time/Go Old School – This one is probably self-explanatory, but if you are looking for a housekeeper, you could hang signs in a laundromat. If you are looking for readers/writers, hang signs in a coffee shop or library. If you are looking for folks in the construction field, hang out at the local pub. Just kidding. Well, not really.
  7. Check local chapters and organizations related to your needed position – They typically have monthly meeting and/or e-blasts
    and newsletters to advertise the opening to the group you are targeting. This is particularly helpful when you need them to have a certification…. Go to the group that only admits certified professionals of that skill.
  8. Check with the alumni networks of local colleges for potential hires. Every school has a career services and/or alumni department. Call them up and find out their process for posting openings. They are always happy to help grads find jobs.