Are You Following the Rules for Wellness Incentives?

by | Jan 2, 2012 | General | 0 comments

Yes, the Federal Government has several rules that must be followed when offering wellness incentives to your employees. Just a handful include…

* Does the amount of the reward under the plan have a limit of 20% of the applicable cost of coverage? This applies to programs that require employees to meet a standard related to a health factor, such as having a 25% or lower BMI.

* Does the plan reasonably promote health or prevent disease?

* Is the reward available to everyone similarly situated at least once per year?

* Does the prgram offer a reasonable alternative for those who  cannot reasonably satify the standard, perhaps due to medical advisement by one’s physician?

*Is the reasonable alternative disclosed in all plan materialsdescribing the program?

Wellness is a win- win for everyone…as long as we follow the rules!