Choosing to work ON your business

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Employee Management, For Employers, General | 0 comments

Our clients often ask when it is time to add an employee, or when it is time to add another. We talk about the ins and outs of independent contractors, or hiring additions to staff on a part time basis to start. Many of these decisions are based on the revenue that the business is generating, and a projection of whether future sales will cover the cost of another paycheck and all that goes with it. There is another purpose, though, for adding an employee: freeing YOU up. Choosing to invest more time to work ON your business rather than just IN your business might be just the ticket for growth.

You might currently be working side by side with your staff.  That has many benefits for you and your company. Working on the front lines is great to keep you connected with your customers, to see with your own eyes that work is being performed according to your specifications, and to know “the real deal” that your staff handles every day.  But some of the tasks of the owner of the business are ones that won’t pull at you.  They won’t ring the doorbell or text you on your cell. You have to choose them, and make room for them in your schedule, because they are crucial to the sustainability of your company. Things like

  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Business Development (outside sales)
  • Capacity Building
  • Finances

It is possible, or even likely, that you didn’t start your company because you wanted to be in sales. You may feel uncomfortable at networking functions, and you might even hate HR tasks! (of course that’s where WE come into the picture!) You might feel the most at home sitting at your laptop, or planting shrubs alongside your crew at a commercial client’s site. To make more room in your day you can outsource the cleaning of your business property, or the writing of your company Facebook posts.

But there are some things that only you know. There are some decisions only you can make about the direction you want your business to go. There are some types of information that you need to stay current on if you are going to stay ahead of your competition. Even if your business is growing quickly and it looks like life is rosy, growth and its appetite for cash and capacity can get out of hand if you aren’t staying on top of it.

How much time did you invest last week working ON your business?  How about the week before that? How much time would you like to be able to invest in it? If the process of bringing someone on seems too unwieldy, give us a call. We can help you think through your options to staff your business in a way that maximizes your profitability and your potential for growth.