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We shared 8 ways to find great employees the other day.  But we know that you can find talent anywhere!  And because we care about you, we want to give you even more ideas for staffing your business – with the kinds of people who will help you take it into the stratosphere!  Have you tried any of these?

  1. Look for industry-specific job boards. These are sites that only people looking for jobs in that industry will go to. So the quality of candidate may be better. However, many people still don’t know these exist, so you may not get a huge response.
  2.  Invest in creating a paid internship or apprenticeship program. This is a great way to fill roles because it creates the opportunity for you to “test drive” the candidate. Through an internship or apprenticeship you will dis

    Intern in office

    cover whether they are a fast learner that fits into your culture. You will know if they spend half their day on Facebook. If they don’t work out as an intern, they won’t work out as a full-time employee.

  3. Hire internally – Does someone in another position or department have the skill set you are seeking? Have you posted internally or asked around to try and find out?
  4. Go grassroots – Put a sign in your window or on your lawn. Put an ad in the free weekly paper that gets distributed door to door. Hang flyers on poles. When your opportunity appears in an unexpected location it attracts extra attention.
  5. Target your competitor’s employees. Call them up during a slower time of the day (so don’t call a restaurant during the lunch rush) and ask if anyone of that title you are seeking is looking for a new opportunity. Or ask for a specific person by name, if you know their name.
  6. Job fairs. Yes, they still exist. They may take up a whole day, and you may see a lot of people who aren’t looking in your industry, but you may also find many who are. And, because you saw them at the job fair, you know up front if they are capable of dressing and presenting themselves professionally. It can be most helpful to attend these when you are not busy or looking to fill an immediate need, but rather hoping to get a stack of resumes so when something opens up you can call them.
  7. Be on the lookout for talent everywhere you go… networking events, ball games, concerts, ANYWHERE you go and there are people.

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