How to avoid costly discrimination claims

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Compliance, Our Blog | 0 comments

Below are some helpful tips for avoiding discrimination claims:


– Establish policies AND communicate them to employees, especially supervisors or those with authority.

– Train management at all levels on employee rights and how to deal with complaints or concerns.

– Treat employees with respect.

– Focus on a person’s skills when hiring and making a termination decision.

– Know the law or have a resource that does.

– Enforce policies consistently and timely.

– Keep detailed documentation of disciplinary actions.

– Conduct impartial, objective and timely investigations of complaints. Blindly siding with management could lead to trouble.

– Do not invite retaliation.

– Be direct about your reasons for termination. Do not sugarcoat, apologize, or let your emotions get the best of you.

Discrimination claims can be costly even when your organization is innocent of any wrongdoing. Taking the steps necessary to avoid them is critical for all businesses. A single claim could have severely detrimental effects, especially for a small business. If you have questions about how to accomplish any of these tips, Alternative HR can help.