No more employee loyalty?

by | Jul 16, 2012 | General | 0 comments

The 10th annual survey of employee benefits, trends and attitudes conducted by Metlife puts employee loyalty at a seven-year low. The survey says one in three employees plan to leave his or her job by the end of the year. Even more staggering is a 2011 report which shows, 76 percent of full-time workers, while not actively looking for a new job, would leave their current workplace if the right opportunity came along.

Employees are clearly feeling disconnected and disengaged from their work. Among the reasons…the recession, when companies laid off huge numbers of their employees with little regard for loyalty or length of service; decreases of benefits, little training and promotions for those who remain; and a generation of young millennials with a different set of expectations about their careers

Employees are often more loyal to those around them — their manager, their colleagues, maybe even their clients. These employees have a sense of professionalism — and loyalty — that relates to the work they do more than to the company.

What are you doing to retain your employees this year?