The 5 Most Important HR Policies You Need To Have In Place

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Our Blog, Policies | 0 comments

Below is a list of the 5 most import human resource policies an organization should have in place. Not implementing any one of these policies could open your company up to various liabilities and risks.

HR PoliciesHandbook Policies

Employee handbook policies that every company should have in place include Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO,) Americans with Disabilities Act Policy Statement, Anti-Harassment, Attendance, and Disciplinary Action. These policies will prevent claims/ court cases, help employees understand expectations and consequences prevent disagreements regarding how to handle discipline, and prevent inappropriate conduct. In short, having these policies in place can save companies time and money.

Recruiting/ Hiring Policies

A step by step checklist of tasks that need to be completed when your company has an opening is also an important tool. The checklist will ensure you are handling the recruiting and on-boarding process in a consistent manner, which is critical to preventing a discrimination suit and hiring a diverse workforce. Some of the items on this list include…

– Advertise opening internally
– Advertise the position on the internet job board/ website
– Have 2 employees conduct interviews of top candidates
– Check references
– Conduct criminal background check of selected candidate
– Have employee complete W4, I-9, State Tax Form, etc…

 Termination Policies

A list of questions to be answered before firing an employee should also be part of your HR procedures. Some of those questions include…

-Was a specific policy violated and does the violation warrant termination?
-Show me the policy!
-Have other employees been held accountable to the same policy?
-Can you prove the employee knew of the policy?
-Has the employee complained of harassment or unfair treatment?
-Has the employee recently filed a workers’ compensation claim?
-Has the employee recently complained of company wrongdoing or a safety issue?
-Is there evidence of discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability or any other legally protected characteristic?

Disciplinary Policies

A process for management review of each disciplinary action that takes place is also critical to keeping your organization out of court, ensuring fair and equal treatment of employees, and keeping employee morale high. Just as important, is completing documentation of the behavior of the employee and disciplinary action taken. Documenting ensures the employee understands that their behavior was unacceptable and proves to the courts that fair action was taken.

Safety Policies

Having a safe culture should be a priority in your organization. Safety policies will help employees make wise decisions, ensure OSHA compliance, and reduce lost time and workers compensation costs.