WedNet PA Free Training Funds For Employees

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Pennsylvania offers qualified employers the opportunity to train new and existing employees with resources available through By using its resources to invest in its workers, PA is making sure they have the skills needed to compete in the global economy.

In 1999, the Commonwealth committed itself to giving Pennsylvania businesses a significant competitive edge. Created by the Department of Community & Economic Development — DCED — and made available through the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania — WEDnetPA — this program provides qualified employers training for new and existing employees. The training allows companies to stay competitive while keeping employee skills current and relevant.

Eligible in-state businesses and out-of-state companies relocating to Pennsylvania apply to WEDnetPA to access training funds. The funding, in turn, can be used for a wide range of training — categorized as either Essential Skills Training or Advanced Technology Training.

Pennsylvania employers in manufacturing or technology businesses including bio-tech and environmental companies are eligible for workforce job training grants through WedNetPA.

 Awards of up to $1300 per employee will be granted by December 31st,2015 apply today at: 

or contact Linda Grove ( for more info on the program.