Fact-Finding Process Change to PA Unemployment Compensation

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Alternative HR News, Our Blog | 0 comments

PA unemployment claimsThe Office of UC Service Center (OUCSC) is announcing a change in its process of obtaining fact-finding information from an employer when determining an individual’s eligibility for unemployment compensation (UC) benefits. In order to help you meet the requirements under Section 302(a)(2) of the PA UC Law for providing timely and adequate information, the Claims Examiner will now contact you by telephone directly in order to conduct a fact-finding interview. You will know that the Claims Examiner is calling as the OUCSC’s toll free number 888-313-7284 will appear as the caller id. Please direct those calls to the appropriate person (or department) who will provide information regarding the separation.

Should you choose not to do the fact-finding by telephone, please tell the Claims Examiner the nature of the separation, and provide an email address or fax number so that fact-finding documents can be sent to the proper person or department. It is then your responsibility to ensure that the information requested regarding the individual’s eligibility for compensation is returned to the Claims Examiner timely and completed adequately. If an individual is overpaid UC benefits because the employer or agent of the employer fails to respond in a timely or adequate manner your account will no longer be credited when the overpayment is established. The employer’s account will be charged with the UC benefits overpaid to the separated employee.

Untimely Response – A response is untimely if it is filed more than 14 days after the department’s request for information is mailed or transmitted electronically to the employer or agent.

Inadequate Response – A response is inadequate if it misrepresents or omits facts that, if represented accurately or disclosed, would have been a basis for the department to disqualify the individual from receiving compensation.


For further information, please contact the UCSC at 866-223-4718.